I have extensive experience using technology in the classroom, developing engaged learning activities, and mentoring students. I have taught a broad range of undergraduate and graduate courses while at Jacksonville University, including statistics, calculus, linear algebra, and mathematical modeling.



I have experience teaching elementary statistics, upper level statistics, and biostatistics. My statistics students analyze real world data with statistical software such as R or Minitab, learn to write precisely about statistical concepts, and review content using clicker technology.



I have experience teaching Calculus I, Calculus II, and Business Calculus. My calculus courses incorporate lab work where students discover mathematical concepts in small groups. I have also co-taught a linked calculus and physics sequence which emphasized the interdisciplinary connections between these subjects.



I have taught graduate sections of both Linear Algebra and Mathematical Modeling. My graduate courses leveraged small class size to achieve active student participation, and incorporated computer algebra systems such as Maple and Matlab.